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Windows XP "Azul" peaceful island wallpaper

Windows XP "Azul" peaceful island wallpaper

Ketika kita dihadapkan pada suatu tampakan, apakah itu suatu lukisan, foto ataupun lanskap alami, maka sebagai orang yang berkecimpung dalam dunia keilmuan terkait dengan spasial, apa yang dapat kita pikirkan..?

Dengan melihat gambar diatas, yang merupakan gambar “wallpaper” yang sering kita lihat pada Windows XP, beberapa rekan melukiskan dalam beragam sudut pandang. Semua pendapat ini dikeluarkan hanya dalam waktu kurang dari 10 menit… ho ho ho…

Hasilnya antara lain adalah:


somewhere existed three units point, that reside in in a beautiful polygon in the middle of wide place, and have segment that arranged


I have beautiful map. It maps has 3 component GIS is line, point n polygon. This map which has 2 polygon : big polygon and small polygon. The big polygon can be call as ocean and small polygon can be call island . between two polygon separate by line in attribute the line can call as boundary between island and ocean. In small polygon we can found 3 point and in attribute can we call as coconut tree..


a polygon-shaped small island measuring approximately 25 meters square, is the island with white sand there are three points of a coconut tree, may not find the lake or fresh water, surrounded by a segment of the ocean. if this image we draw in raster or vector, it’s easy to be understand. from the image data can be concluded there was no fresh water to support human and animal life.


in this picture, I see a small polygon shape in the very big polygon. there are three point in the small polygon and  there are some line in the big polygon that has irregular shape. i see one line that has straight shape.


In this picture, visually we have the ocean, a small island, 3 coconut trees.
In spatial view, we can say that first, the boundary is limited in what we can see in the picture such as the ocean and maybe the beach.
We can consider the ocean as a big polygon and the island as a small polygon inside the big polygon. In the small polygon we have 3 coconut trees which can be considered as 3 points. One another thing is that viewing the ocean using continued data, we can see that the depth of the ocean is different in the middle of the ocean and near the beach. However, we must be careful because there are so many clouds so the clouds shadow my change our view of the depth of the ocean. Finally, this place has its coordinate (longitude and latitude)


. point: a very beautiful sea with blue water, such as without limit
. point: in the middle there is a small island overgrown with three palm trees.
. point: Each of the coconut trees to bear fruit as much as 10
. point: the beach as a place to walk


from the image above, with spatial data i can  describe that as region is represented as a polygon where the main polygon (big) is the sea area. in the middle of main polygon there are one small polygon is representation of land area and the last is the point (segment) which is a representation of the 3 palm trees in the small polygon and 1  point to show location of sailboat.

1 polygon (sea area)
1 polygon (land area)
3 point (palm trees)
1 point (sailboat)


In the picture there is: the following points:
* Point: border with the sea coast, attribute: the beach in, shallow, medium
* Point: beach shade trees ==> attributes: palm trees, relaxing place, mangrove.
* Point: fishing location ==> attributes: the potential for large and small fish, reef areas.
* Point: a location for relax ==> attributes: the sun, beach volleyball, recreation
* Point:  sea borders ==> attribute: for surfing, swimming, fishing area.
there is an island, with 3 trees, in the middle of the sea was beautiful.
– Point (IDP) any four, any line IDL) six, and any polygon (IDS) about one tree, one about sea and one about the beach …
– Map the input data, observations of tree height n few yards from the beach where the island’s
– Taking photos of the island and other communities imaginable on the island.
That island is located in one location which is has a coordinate in degree or even in x and y coordinate. It has trees (coconut trees), beach, shoreline and the area of that island itself. In the map trees and the cruise can be represent as point, shoreline can be represent as line, coastal area (beach) and the island can be represent as polygon. If we go to that island and has a navigation tools (GPS for example)and also the aerial photograph, we can make a good map about where is that island exactly taking place. Measure the coordinate of each trees, make it as Ground Control Point, and each GCP is used to georeferenced the image. So we can find the coordinate like as usual map and never get lost when trying to coming back to that island.
there are three point called coconut trees. one polygon is called island and one line is called coastline.

Semua pendapat berbeda, ada yang tentang keindahannya, ada yang tentang kegunaannya. Tetapi ada juga kemiripannya, yaitu sebagian besar tetap memegang teguh fitur geografis yaitu Poligon, Garis, dan Titik.

Luar biasa…!

Bagaimana dengan anda..?
: )

*/ Thx guys, your spatial perspectives are very interesting… : )